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Nice.....I like it a lot.

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me thinks
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Impressive. But have seen a campaign based on similar idea here some weeks back .

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Ow really?

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me thinks
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Yup. Browse the archive and you may find it.

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i don't like these. i have no sympathy or desire to help him live longer so he can witness more death and destruction. is that his goal in life to get off on other people's misery? i think it would have been cooler to witness progress and good things

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These guys have to understand that death is a natural process, and that our goal on earth is NOT to live longer...

Why live a little longer if you're not happy? Better to die and choose to come back in another place...

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One more time: What?


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Interesting and conceptual ideas from Publicis like this one, the graphic campaign "You spend too much time working. Don't mess it up" and the ex-fatties campaign. Congratulation!

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theres a glaring typo in 1968....1 billion people died of the hong kong flu??? dont think so.....

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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I don't understand the message here. A lot of the deaths mentioned above are from natural disasters, car accidents, disease, basically Acts of God. These things are a threat to all of us. There's nothing I can do to help this woman in most these cases.

When armegeddon comes, this chick is on her own.

But even more importantly - if this woman has survived all these terrible things, she certainly doesn't need my help. She's a survivor.

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Nice thought

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Italian Job
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Where's the art direction??

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