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Please, explain me this ad...thanx

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actually it's kinda racist i guess. global warming -> more dessert; more dessert -> more power to the sheikhs. if that's really meant it's not only ugly like hell but also stupid and really offending!

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More money you spend on gasoline the richer the oil man in Arabia

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dude, you're right. :) not as complicated as my interpretation, but still stupid offending and ugly. what reason is that! ride a bike or "they" get rich?! heavy stuff

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the 000000 pass the impression that the car never works, yet, maybe.
and: if the target can not get the point in 10s, they will go to next page and the client put money on trash.
if at least the art work was good to keep the target attention until he get the point....

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ming the merciless
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Get a bike or the Arabs will get huge harems? WTF?

So, so, wrong. There are so many great reasons to ride a bike - this will never be one of them.

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The richer the oil sheiks are, the more wives they can afford?

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Very very bad!!!!!! Not to mention really offending and dumb

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i think this is really funny

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--good idea is enemy of great idea

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