Choose your Story, Prisoner / Mariner

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April 2012

Print advertisment created by FCB, Brazil for Sharpie, within the category: Office Equipment.

Choose Your Story.

Advertising Agency: Giovanni+DraftFCB, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Directors: Benjamin Yung Jr., Cassio Zanatta
Copywriter / Art Directors: Adriano Alarcon
Illustrator: Open the Door
Photographer: Paulo Barros
Typographer: Juliana Pontual
Retouchers: Rodrigo Cortez, Fábio Vido
Art Buyers: Tina Castro, Gisele Miranda, Daniel Gonçalves
Account Supervisor: Nilton Bonini
Account Manager: Luciana Ribeiro
Planners: Pedro Cruz, Cinthia Kim, Pedro Schneider
Advertiser's Supervisor: Jessica Gonzalez

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Oh man the art is sooooooooooooooooooooo good.

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Art is good but what the idea?
You can draw great stuffs with sharpie - ok - and you can draw what you want where you want (is it a brazilian insight, drawing on old stuffs?). And "Choose your story".
Again, the Art is really nice but i don't get any concept out of this. Do i miss something?

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If you look at the series you will see that there is a part left uncoloured. Based on what color you opt for the story changes - the boat guy can be either a sailor or a prisoner, the gangster can be either a meth addict or a rapper (I hope I got it right), the kid can be either hosing the flowers or peeing on them.

when life gives you lemons make a lemonade stand.

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Thanks for the try lemonAd. :)
I'm getting old i guess cause i don't see any blank part in the visuals. And i'm not sure about the sailor/prisoner, addict/rapper explanations...
I still think the idea is way too difficult to understand (if there is any) and the overall ad is messy.
I guess what everyone will remember from that is : sharpie makes cool drawings. Which is already great, for the client. ;)

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not sure, it says right here, in the ad's name: Sharpie: Choose your Story, Prisoner / Mariner

when life gives you lemons make a lemonade stand.

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You know what? I just got it! You hou myself! :)
With the "pee/water" one that i didn't see before...i guess what messed me up is the fact that white teeth didn't feel like a blank to fill (and rich/poor? the man is covered of gold anyway - a really rich rapper doesn't have gold teeth, he just have nice teeth :)). As the mariner suit, which is already black striped...
My bad!

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havent you realized yet? on AOTW if the art is amazing, so is the ad, idea, insight, concept.

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Didn't get it.

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Two colours (blue and black) for my story are not enough.
Specially I don't need blue on denim.

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This one is hard to get, though I love the campaign.

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Great ads!