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Dick Huges
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hahaha that is funny

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Sharon Stone jokes are always funny!
But I just find the logic to be a bit convoluted to be figured out on the fly especially in magazine pages. It's just one of those "Oh, I just saw a really funny ad with Sharon Stone in it. I just can't remember what it was for..."
I think it's this whole "waiting" for that used designer furniture that I'm having a problem with.
The way they get around to the "punchline" feels very awkward to me as well.

I'm spending too much time trying to like it. And that's usually not a good sign...

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Funny. To me, the punchline is one of the best things in this ad!

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These are funny. :-)

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Andreas TM
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Good campaign.

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Good things happen to those who wait, they said.

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Yeah, man, weel done! That is true. A Guinness detail in here. Anyway, very good!

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I love these! and I fing myself excited about finding out what the next ad in the campaign is.

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lol.. very nice campaign

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Good campian. Exelent concept for that product. I love it.

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