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Hey, "guest". YOU'RE pretestuos (and pretentious).

If by "useless" you mean extraordinarily eye-catching and unabashedly unique, then I agree.

Personally, I've never seen an ad for a seafood lunch buffet like this before.

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well i can tell you why you haven't seen this before: because it's gory and gross and does in NO WAY go with the client.
the people who did this one know nothing about appropriate advertising. looks like a bad student work to me, trying to shock at any cost.
ads like this are even ruining our business. i once worked for a client who was so damn barred concerning letting some fresh air to his moldy brand. why was that? because some stupid kids did some really inappropriate ads which caused decreasing sales.
sorry but this ad is one of the badest i've ever seen.

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it's awful and disgusting, nothing will change this fact..

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andrej dwin
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well, if "never seen something like it before" is your only criteria for greatness, than let's applaud the terrorists of 9/11 or Masons' killers, too.

I don't like the ad too much. I did get the message, it would probably catch my eye in a magazine (thats 2 pluses most of ads don't do), but I think there's too much gore for a food ad.

AdArena: Sex Sells

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ooh its horrific...
can't see more than a glance

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Wanting to do an Ad just to get attention. Horrific. It sucks.

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Not good. So many aspects of the ad are almost contradicting eachother. Don't even think the injuries are well done on the guy. Prolly a bit gory for a food ad as previsouly mentioned. I'm just not feeling it.

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This is tasteless and the photo manipulation is awful.

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I was abut to have my lunch but after this ad i dint think i will eat...

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brilliantly funny...

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I think as a creative I love the different way of looking at it!! Have seen the same strategy before in someones portfolio but never the less the client would need massive balls to buy this...so i rate the strategy good but from selling point of view its ok!!

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the photo manipulation is HORRENDOUS

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They went to far...maybe a simple sting of some kind of fish could do the job.

Think. Then think again.

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