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I know its not supposed to be funny, but that nose is hilarious!

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Arnold Santillan

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I read the -very good- copy: Very emotional feeling.
I saw the man holding gun: Laughed my ass out.

- that nose is hilarious, i guess the ad would be 'meaner and better' without it

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Actually the copy is pretty poor. It contains a spelling mistake and balances a plural noun (people) with a single one (a country) which is just poor style.

Having said that, I really like the ad, it just looks like the copy was written by someone with English as a 2nd language.

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Well, 'Juan Carlos González' sounds like a Colombian to me (i could be wrong) but i still like the ad, despite the spelling mistakes.

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1. check spelling is completely wrong.
2. what is the purpose of the big nose? is the assassin using cocaine too? lack of coherence anyway.
3. the guy looks like Italian mafia, no like Colombian terrorist.
4. the ad will be more intelligent if the people in the party is somehow destroying the villages without obviously doing that... (this last is a recommendation, not the final word)

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While they do have spelling errors, because I believe it was done by Colombians and not Americans, the idea is probably too profound for most...

The nose means the ones USING the coke and their support to terrorist groups in Colombia (That's why the "terrorist" are dressed up, they are the ones partying.) Every time they snort some white power they ARE kidnapping, killing, destroying people form a country they probably don't even know it exist.

It's SHARED RESPONSIBILITY, your actions have consequences, even if you are not aware if them

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Joseph Campbell
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We all remember well the nefarious socks of Armando Delfuego. Wally Pemberton--Bogota's first and only licensed sock hunter--would discover personally the unmitigated malevolence these socks possessed. Armed only with an aging Russian Bullet Shooter, Wally bravely conducted his search for the savage slip-ons; "I will bring down the socks of Armando Delfuego, dear mother! Your death shall not go unavenged!" Wally began to cry at this moment. Eyes filled with tears and hands filled with gun, the dashing Mr. Pemberton flung his arms wildly, in search of something to dry his eyes with. His judgement clouded by tears and a fifth of Jack Daniels, he reached up at a seemingly innocuous piece of cloth hanging from a wire near the house. Whether it was the sock that shattered his skull, or the 60 foot plunge off of nearby Berthold's Cliff, one thing we know for sure: the treacherous socks of Armando Delfuego will always be remembered. Because they were so mean. And they killed people and shit. 'Cause, you know, socks aren't normally like that.


I've decided I have been silent long enough.


I've decided I hate signatures.

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Thankyou for breaking your silence.

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Ad Junkie At Large
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i couldn't agree more, they could have just had a picture of a terrorist , it probubly would have even been more affective haha wow i bet that guy does a lot of blow

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Bet his name is Charlie

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I like the idea of how people die just so you can party harder.

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The copy is great, but I agree with the others that the nose almost adds humor, which isn't the goal. For that matter, if the terrorists looked like that, you wouldn't have to worry about any cocaine getting out for the rest of the people to buy, would you?


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Wow, how could I have been so selfish with my rampant cocaine use. If only I'd known the broader ramifications of my actions. Consider me unaddicted from this point on. Seriously, do some research. Scoring is the only shared responsibility an addict understands.

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So, I should quit cocaine just because Colombia is getting destroyed by the money I spent on the drug? If I was into coke, do you really think I would give a damn about those villages? If this is a cocaine problem awareness ad, the concept of "not only destroys people, it also destroys a country" doesn't hit me at all. On the other hand, if this was published to get people to report the dealers and stuff (yeah, like they won't come and get you right on the spot), what's the need of personalising the message and talking about "You"? ("allows YOU to dance...")

I'm lost. Help, anybody?


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ok--- who said the copy is right???

you dont 'ASSASINATE' civillians - you MURDER civillians

ASSASINATE is a word used for the planned murder of SOCIETALLY IMPORTANT people.

for eg: president george bush was murdered while pushkaraj shirke was assasinated [;)]

sorry for tat joke, but i guess u get the idea :)

otherwise the concept is neat - i like it.

--- as for the nose--- darlings, Colombians are caricatured wid their LONG LARGE NOSES - always--- didnt u ever read Tintin???

Be awesome :)

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I agree with you partially, maybe is a wrong use of the word, but also may be you will want to take a look to the list of presidential candidates, magistrates, judges, members of the congress and kids who have died in the drug's war.

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but yes - the nose thinge here is pretty off the mark.

so--- snip snip
go correct

Be awesome :)

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yeah like indian from india big noses too and smelly.

Arnold Santillan

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chintan ruparel
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~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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yup - most of the times even indians are caricatured wid big bonky-ponk noses :)

looks kind goofy, isnt it?

Be awesome :)

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"Assassinate" is spelled with four 'S's...

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keyboard typo-
but u get what i mean

Be awesome :)

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...And here we have a fine example of the "cut-from-brief-paste-into-headline" school of advertising...

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totally agree.
this copy is nothing.
entire campaign is bad.

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i advise you to check your facts sir. the us paper producer 3M is the worlds third largest consumer of wood. behind the united states and china!

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