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Ivan, have you seen the Toyota (Australia) 'black spots' print ad?
It used the same optical/negative illusionary aspect. Very sharp.
Picked up Oz awards a number of years back.

Boony? Hang-the-dj? kre8? sutho?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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No, I haven't seen it. Post it in the exhibition.

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I think I ruined my mac.

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Yeah I remember it. Dominated the Caxtons a couple of years ago.

Only thing that ruined it for me was that it'd actually been done for a light company with long lasting globes before that...line said something like "Seems like every time you look away another globe blows".

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How do I shake my monitor up and down? My IT guy will come after me with an AK 47.

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He used to work here I think.

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you're very cool, your IT fellow is even cooler, AK47? HA HA. make me laugh.
i just scroll up and down, haha.

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just shake your head up and down then

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Makes me cross-eyed. And a headache too. And I already felt sick. Thank you AOTW, you made my day!

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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So, is this what learning does to you? Making you dizzy?

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nope, but I got a meeting from the Hang-over from hell. My head hurts so looking at shaking stripes isnt exactly Disneyland for me.
I will look at it as soon as Im a bit straighted out. What does it doe for you then?

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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It doesn't do much to me other than making me extremely frustrated because I expected more than just the black and white lines getting blurred into a gray texture. Am I missing something?

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Why the signature? - JWT in the upper left corner

"Sex sells. Truth even better." - A friend

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In some countries, some clients let the ad agencies sign their work.

You can see it even on the tv ads.

Call it advertisingwithinadvertisingfortheadvertisingagency if you will.

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Thats cool.

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i have used that same effect in 1999…
for martini: “shaken not stirred.” accompanying the launch of the james bond movie.
you could see the martini logo in between the lines, when shaking the ad.

unfortunately, enough the JWT does not work, neither on screen, or as print.

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“shaken not stirred.” is your ad? Respect bro!
The one up there have no insight and using the effect for the sake of using it.

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thank you like.a.boy!

yep, indeed, it was fun working on that project. particularly working on a very tight budget and creating some serious press release.
we even extended the idea by bringing mini-trampolins to the movie-theaters and having people jumpe up and down…

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I've shaken it, and all I've got is nausea. What's it supposed to be/say? Looks like a good idea, I just want the punchline!

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too busy to shake...When it comes to " it takes me too many times to think, interact, digest wat it means" then only hit on me...

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done before by martini... shaken not stirred.... not that's an ad

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And what did I learn?

Not to do everything anyone tells me.

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For the first few person who replied, i can understand your frustration of shaking. But those who's a few post above me..... YOU CAN SCROLL UP AND DOWN RIGHT ?

Anyway, since it's not working on me either. Pity on those who shook their monitors or laptops..... haahhahaha ~

by the way.... what's it really????

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