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A cowbell is now a sex toy?

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If you think 'perverse' enough it is. Sure! In that case, what about a cob of corn, or Cola bottle. When we are on the role of perversions, the sky is the limit

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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It's not a cowbell, though it does look like one, it's a tube of lube.
Maybe you could tie the cowbell to your lover? Is that something people might do? Just using my imagination here folks.

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Bundy Agency
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bad art direction... bad awareness...

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Actually I kinda like the art direction. The silhouettes allow you to get away with showing items you could never display full-on with a regular photograph.

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The message is getting lost in all the time it's taking me to identify all the objects.
There is something else that's bothering me about this one too, I'm still thinking about it. No wait, I'm not going to waste time doing that, it's not like the ad agency is going to redo it.
Nice message, badly executed.

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wow, those are some intense sex toys! i feel like there is something missing from this ad though...not a sex toy, but something that really makes me want to use a condom instead of the sex toys...if you understand...

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Shut Theory
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eeeyyww, disgusting!


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i like! not the ad. the toyz.

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nice ad, but i think the mesage is hard to get.

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