Angry Girlfriend

Pay without line or you'll pay it with your girlfriend., The best way to pay online

Advertising Agency: La Familia, Santiago, Chile
Executive Creative Director: Miguel Angel Barahona
Head of Art: Gonzalo Ayala
Art Director: Víctor Torres
Copywriter: Julio Bascur
Illustrator: Néstor Bustamante, Víctor Torres

April 2012


salil.sharma's picture
2428 pencils

Very Clean & Clear Ad
Good Ad & Illustration also.

Designer Don't Do Different Things
They Do Things Differently

MicheleVirgilio's picture
2617 pencils

good illustrations

Alexis-Chellito's picture
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I understand this is an online payment service but it looks like they're queuing for the girlfriend! And what's with the ice cream? The other one is even more confusing: the people look like they're queuing to use the bathroom. I think they went too off-track in trying to highlight a simple benefit.

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