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Wow. At first I thought that the body and head were really a woman. Some young girls do look like that.

definetly gets your attention

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Danger! You should not be allowed out.

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Chris Hansen wants you to have a seat right over there.

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James Dean
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I don't know where you go. But in my local neighbor hood 6 & 7 years olds don't have C cups.

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strange. these ads really only serve to objectify...guess what, putting 36DDs on a cute kid doesn't help things.

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Danger! You should not be allowed out.

I dont know where youre from but in nyc there are girls who look much older, much more developed than youd imagine...

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I agree with scarf.

Anyone who has ever been to a semi-popular club on a friday night before 9pm knows it is sad but so very true.

The cool part is, you don't have to buy them drinks, as that would be illegal.
Candy does just fine. hehe....

...I'm goin to hell for that joke.

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OK, don't go on about it I was only joking.

The ads suk, they're morally bankrupt, let's not fall out over them.

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Better proportioning...lucky for you its a 3/4 angle. Good at image/type layout, but not a good series.

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that little girl has a great rack.


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art really could've been done better.. the idea which is nice has been killed with this art..

| Everartz |

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It's not wrong, it's just illegal.

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Margaret Gay
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my only question is: Who's body is that...its wicked (obviously its not the child's)?

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But this is not a child
if the child make her look like that - it's something wrong with the child

I think they lost the thought - wether they want to show real children or just some photoshoped hos


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This ad definitely gets your attention and that's the point...
Regardless of how "sick" you think it is, the message is clearly conveyed that statutory rape is wrong. Very well done.

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