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Lovely stuff. Very reminiscent of an 80's Fallon ad. Could do with better art though.

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me likey stuff in this tone

... its already been done...

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What a really nice campaign kudos

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love the lines and copy of these. although this headline felt a bit clunky toward the end.


Millions of years ago giant creatures roamed the earth. Funny how some things never change.

but i guess, like everything, it's a matter of opinion.

regarless, nice job. more well crafted copy in ads please. some of us do, in fact, read it.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Anybody know who produced this campaign?

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Thanks for all the positive comments! I originally created this campaign back when I was an ad student, then recently revamped them with all-new art direction and a few copy tweaks. It's probably my favorite campaign, but there are plenty of others I like that are on my website: www.portfolios.com/edvia. By the way, I'm currently freelancing as a copywriter at DDB in Los Angeles, but looking for something full-time in the LA area.

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