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I kind of like this. Simple but a bit bland whereas with a bit of texture could be improved

Bryn J-W's picture
Bryn J-W
57 pencils

I agree, a bit more to it than just the text.

mmackinven's picture
1608 pencils

Simple and clever :)

Not sure texture would add any value to the idea, instead slight RGB monitor pixels on the text could help, but that would give it away too fast...

tazyboy's picture
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very very simple but maybe works

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Tero Ylitalo
618 pencils

Works within the target audience. Could be prettier though.

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Jaap Grolleman
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I think it's pretty damn smart.

eins-eins-null's picture
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didn't see something that intelligent, simple and straight on the product on this website in quite a while. i love it.

CommandZ's picture
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Spot on.

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I think it a little bit complicated to understand. I'm part of the target but I still have some difficulties to understand the real meaning.

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Nike Diesel
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Not complicated but a bit subtle. Had to think thrice on this one.

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