Sensodyne: Tea

For sensitive teeth.

Advertising Agency: MatosGrey, Brazil
Creative Directors: Silvio Matos
Copywriters: Silvio Matos
Art Director: Guy Costa
Art Buyers: Gustavo Santos, Bruna Tombolatto
Advertiser's Supervisor: Tim Wright


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I really like this series. Anyone who's got heat/cold sensitivity will get the message right away; ice cream, for instance, really does feel like biting tinfoil.

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its kind of good but some how i feel if they would have shown normal cups with tea brimming inside made of tin, it would have been more effective

"selling is advertisment"

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agreed wth palls... it really workswth icecream1

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Of course my teeth are sensitive eating a ceramic cup. Would have liked it better if only the hot coffee and cold ice was made of tinfoil?

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These are spot on, however you can only relate to this if you have metal based fillings.

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