Sensoa: Sexually active

Advertised brand:
Advertising Agency: Boondoggle, Leuven, Belgium
Creative Directors: Stef Selfslagh, Vincent Jansen
Creation: Vanessa Hendrickx, Alexander Cha'ban
Photographer: Britt Guns
Published: September 2008


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Crisp One
2007 pencils

isnt this a screen shot from Furniture Freaks #6 ?

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not terrible. gives a bit of a nod to durex, but i see this successfully driving traffic to the site from a teen mag.

picopalqlea's picture
999 pencils

what a cow...

SeanMartin's picture

Gosh, I wonder why they didnt do a TV spot based on *this* one? :)

Yeah, the perspective is way forced, probably because they shot it in a real bedroom and the photographer couldnt back up any further.

slip's picture
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Who'd be able to get it on with a carpet pattern like that in the room anyway!?



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Slip! its not about YOUR personal interests.

SeanMartin's picture

Didnt you notice that this is her parents' bedroom?

Andy-B's picture
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I dont like it. its confusing.
The line makes me think that its a topic open for debate...
What does the company do? is it a "talk show"....

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The line's a bit off. It should be something like "There are better ways to tell your parents you're sexually active". Then you get she's in their room, and she's about to get caught.

I don't hate this ad. It's got a message.

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