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I like this among all three. By the way, i don't have strong attachment to this campaign. just so so.
but i like the feeling of "thinness"

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its the clearest of them 3 horrible ads.

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So boring! (your comments)

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I guess one of the creative team fell asleep in front of an old windows screensaver... had some dirty dreams.. and:
The durex idea was born!

It doesn't quite work for a condome brand.
Would have been better for 'erotic audiobooks' or something like that!

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Sex is like that???? i prefer not. Imagine it now & see what u get? Wasted.

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Mais Oui... Je regarde le belle French Kiss!!!


And VinchiFish, of course sex is not like this. It's an illustration. And in my opinion, a good one, because in it's essence, sex is an exchange of vibrational energy. Wanna get down to scientific? Bring it on... This is a good ad, in my opinion!

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It looks like art, maybe it's art. Well! That's why I like this work.

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