Senokot: Il Sung

Gentle and Effective Relief of Constipation

Constipation can be frustrating, maddening, trying, irritating and aggravating. If a person was constantly constipated and felt these emotions all the time, it would be safe to say they wouldn’t be the best person in the world. Luckily Senokot can relieve the worst cases of constipation and could even help an anally retentive dictator. When we see the most terrible dictators of history, we see images of cold men that seem frustrated and aggravated. Seeing these men with a very different facial expression than we are used to seeing, we showcase the effectiveness of Senokot.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, Johannesburg, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Deeb
Creative Director: Fiona O'Connor
Art Director: Nicolas Kostouros
Illustrator: Nicolas Kostouros
Photographer: Adam Mchonnachie

June, 2012


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There should be a separate category at award shows for print ads about dictators turned good thanks to this or that product. It should be called "Bullshit".

Also, you shouldn't let a squirrel do your photoshopping for you.

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advertising ninja
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ehaehae love that comment : ]

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I do not like these ads at all.

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Statler and Waldorf
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Hey what is this. I knew the guy was ferret in his past life


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chiflete comunic
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