Senat of Berlin, Department for economics, technology and women: Behind German Walls, Blue

Sometimes you don't notice it at first glance. Every fourth woman in Germany is a victim of domestic violence. Don't look away. Help and self-help:

Advertising Agency: DOJO Advertising Agency, Berlin, Germany
Creative Director: Joachim Bosse
Art Directors: René Bieder, Sarah Grote
Copywriters: Joachim Bosse, Dominic Czaja
Illustrator: Sarah Grote
Concept: Joachim Bosse, Dominic Czaja, Yassin Taibi
Published: August, 2010


Juank Franco's picture
Juank Franco
15 pencils

I noticed it at first glance... It shouldn't be so obvious...

Dzsoi's picture
6440 pencils

Agree. Big fists all over the wall, doesn't work with this headline at all.

Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
6996 pencils

I didn't notice it at first, cause I was reading the copy. Could have been less prominent but I love the idea!

Guest's picture

I like it. I saw this one in real life on a billboard. Didn't get the fists at first glance and was really amazed afterwards. The other ad (the red one) is more detailed. Good work!

LeeHarvey's picture
3045 pencils

I agree with Jack. Nice campaign.

Guest's picture

again sth. hidden in patterns... old approach

HappyHour's picture
2385 pencils

Direct hit with the message.

Guest's picture

No, this is bad. The message is a tired, typical, "Hey, did you notice that there's domestic violence?" Of course I know, you idiot. Now give me a reason to care. Tell me something I didn't know or hadn't thought about yet. Which the other campaign, the Facebook app after this, does.

New Nice and Fun's picture
New Nice and Fun
377 pencils

Really like this serie!

If the message is "classical", the way to say it is very impactful ! My preference goes to the red one yet!

Anonymous Author's picture
Anonymous Author
1541 pencils

Like the campaign, would like some of this wallpaper.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

Janae's picture
385 pencils

saw this campaigne on citycards in berlin. very good one.

Guest's picture

I saw a campaign like this some time last year. It was for an bug extermination company. I think it was in Comm. Arts magazine.

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