Semp Toshiba Regza HDTV: Stadium

Toshiba Regza HDTV. Overcrowded with pixels.

Advertising Agency: Talent, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: João Livi, Leo Macias
Art Director: Fábio Rodrigues
Copywriter: Guigo Oliva
Illustrator: Paulo Dias
Photographer: Claudio Lacerda
Retouching: Boreal


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Like it! Simple and effective, nice art too!

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HAHAHA Finally a fresh idea about High Definition. Love it, A lot!!
Great art too!

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it would be a great ad, if the pixels would form a picture...

i don't like the idea: mega pixels and the tv is full of it?

and does any consumer get the ad and the pruduct as well as the claim? The product picture/brand and claim are too small
and badly placed on the right upper side of the ad...

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Mezoo. Do you buy a high definition Tv because it is big, flat or it has a better definition????
MeZoo. Every German ad has the logo on the lower right corner??

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Lovely work


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The Pope
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agree with mezoo

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Mr. R
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It`s funny i like it

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There are many pixels in the ad. Sadly, I don't see those many pixels forming any amazing graphic. So it doesn't tell me whether this many pixels are good enough : )

Enough said.

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Many a brilliant ideas come from Ad Agencies of São Paulo, Brazil. Don't they?

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C'mon people..if the pixel form an image it is just an image. And if you try to show that there are pixels forming an image it would look like a low res image... The idea here is to show places that are full.. normally very crowded and relate that feeling to what is happening on the tv screen, well I guess some of you have never been to a show or a cool bar.


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this one is better than the previous itt

love anything creative

Infected by a virus called CREATIVE | "And ya I Love Everything" |

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nicey nice.

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galing! :D

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