Selleys: Bulls

Advertising Agency: DDB, Singapore
Chief Creative Officer: Neil Johnson
Executive Creative Director: Joji Jacob
Creative Director: Thomas Yang
Copywriters: Adrian Yeap, Karn Singh
Art Director: Wu Yangwei
Illustrator: Mirage
Account Supervisor: Rowena Bhagchandani
Account Manager: Sim Yungying

July 2013

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Oh, I was wondering why there was a broken stuff.

Life itself doesn't have meaning, which should be created by ourselves.

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Elson Miguel
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I really like ads that don't need any words or strap lines. Really like all three.

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Not an amazing ad, but the photoshop is.

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Love the handicraft. But the benefit of the product? Glues parts together yes.. And then..?

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Lol it's GLUE. What else would you like from it?

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it's not a bad comment actually.
this is a simple visual resolution. a new and creative and appealing visual explanation of the product, but it has no deep thought behind it.
and it CAN be done with glue.
take the glue ads that showed an old man with his toy robot (in life-size) or with the life size porcelain doll. there, they showed the product benefit, but also went a step further by showing a deeper thought, namely that this glue can bring back your childhood toys and potentially make you feel like a kid again, give you a moment of nostalgia.

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Superb boss!!

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josh n.
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Great ad!

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Too good! Specially artwork! Idea as well.

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David Gor
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idea is not clear:

super glue can make anything come together
super glue can make anything come back together
superglue can bring things that don't want to be together - together

its just not succinct ... disjointed .. there's three or more loose ideas going on ...

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