Selk'bag: Bear

Free to move

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Chile
Chief Creative Officer: Cesar Agost Carreño
Creative Directors: Francisco Camacho, Nicolas Neumann
Art Director: Gabriel Izquierdo
Copywriters: Nicolas Neumann, Felipe Abufhele, Miguel Muñoz, Boris Rojas
Account Manager Erick Krohn
Illustrator: Edgardo Contreras
Published: October 2011

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cvchitale's picture
1212 pencils

Beautiful art.....very beautiful.....those sunrays are simply disarming....n soothing...

Lamiless's picture
17 pencils

Good product Good art...but first idea.

Abhishek Parikh's picture
Abhishek Parikh
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feysal's picture
2154 pencils

very awesome illustration style

groovy baby!

JeffGreenhouse's picture
310 pencils

I love it! I especially love how idyllic the forest is. You can almost hear the strains of "Morning Mood" (that classical song they always used for beautiful nature scenes in Looney Tunes) playing in the background before the bear comes tearing through the tent.

MindDrift's picture
1079 pencils

Just because it's simple, it doesn't mean it's a first idea.
Great concept + great art = winner.

sandalo's picture
6 pencils

agree. Many times the best result looks like it was not hard thought about it. but design is a PROCESS not the result

Nike Diesel's picture
Nike Diesel
13339 pencils

Lovely work. Kudos to the illustrator.

mikele's picture
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certaintly's picture
4060 pencils

ive noticed that whenever an ad has good art, people on here think it's better than it actually is.

this is nothing more than a simple idea; a correct ad with good art.

ItMatters's picture
2171 pencils

that's because the art is better in this case, otherwise compliments will be on the idea or concept. my guess. :)

Spanky's picture
4895 pencils

Personally, it takes me all of half a second to get out of my sleeping bag. The real benefit to me would be staying warm when it's freezing at night and you have to move around. Regardless, I don't think this would be very comfortable to sleep in.

kleenex's picture
25592 pencils

art is solid

ivanm16's picture
354 pencils

Nice product. Like the art a lot. I think would be better if we see the solution not the problem.

sumit98207's picture
58 pencils

i loved the illustration

Mongoose's picture
4981 pencils


Make the logo Bigger and the black, Darker!

outdoorilla's picture
50 pencils

Love the simple idea of execution, especially the small act on the right-bottom support the copy a lot. cuz the art can only draw the attention at first before people understand how's the product looks like.
Also people like bear, so many people like this ads if compare to bees.

MicheleVirgilio's picture
2617 pencils

Very good ad, concept, execution and message. like

thedesignaddict's picture
5329 pencils

Sleeping bag, or no sleeping bag - that guy's dead. I'm just sayin'.

Art: 9/10
Idea: 5/10

yeayea1412's picture
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Bob08's picture
749 pencils

It's only free to escape; too little as an idea.
Awesome illustration.

NatsN's picture
164 pencils

Bang on the art direction...

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