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Brilliant campaign.

hollywood's picture
103 pencils

What!? There are watches with alarms now??

alvinpck's picture
1467 pencils
bknowlden's picture
3647 pencils

Nice work, love the campaign.

ahpitt's picture
342 pencils

Good! Simple yet effective.

i am zero's picture
i am zero
142 pencils

its seen before somewhere... i think on worth1000....

pashya is zero

hadrianapolis's picture
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I think useless ideas... I am trying to turn off or snooze the clock, okay but what a relation with a rat trap??

Kateter's picture
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this alarm clock will wake you so fast as if you got your fingers stuck in mouse trap (or if you hit a cactus or touch a hot coal). that's the idea in this campaign.

hadrianapolis's picture
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Thanks for explanation, but i'm trying to say, idea in this work, you are awaken through touching to the alarm clock, thats the relation. Not through it's voice to which wake you up. So i'm starting to think about clocks shape, sense of touch or else... There isn't a meaningful relationship between the voice, 'cos i'm not jumping up just after to touching to the clock, i'm jumping up just after hearing the voice...

ı dont know if i exactly expressed my point of view...

pierrelastname's picture
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yes, also i saw before !

jacaranda's picture
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Nice work ;-)

jacaranda's picture
88 pencils

Also i saw before? What language is that? Well I need go now - hahaha

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Fabian Kirner
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Audrius Kubrik
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lovely. makes me jealous. cactus is the best, mousetrap is good and the fire is a 'third brother'

copywriter.txt's picture
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Spec for sure. But it's very nice.

feel's picture
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just some noise: i will not wake up when the alarm starts, but only when i try to turn off or snooze the clock... and i will pay for that with pain.

Marcela Cáceres's picture
Marcela Cáceres
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Exactly!! It doesn't work for me... But apparently everyone else gets it the other way around so...

drsworld's picture
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Awakening could be more comfortable... why you have to start the day with a bad and angry feeling... OK, your answer would be 'because you have to start and because that's the product working':). maybe something enough pleasant to open your eyes :) dunno... maybe the problem i see here is the product itself.

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Very Good, i really like it!!

FlyingDogs's picture
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nice spec ad.

casualtyofdesign's picture
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The ads are definitely eye catching and cool I’m just a little unclear about what the actual message is.

Don’t get me wrong I love the ads, I like the concept but its just a little unclear… (to me anyways) what it is exactly that they’re saying. Are they exploiting the fact that their alarm clocks are so loud its like this waking up? You’re sure to get out of bed with this alarm clock.

The one thing that is missing from the ad is a URL to a website. In todays advertising world I think its just a shame to not have your website on everything even if in super small type. Placing their website URL on this ad could have potentially brought in thousands of hits to their website and potentially thousands of dollars in sales.

Overall I really like the ad campaign its a very unique, an original idea that I’m sure other companies are bound to copy and imitate. Great work BBDO!

Michael "Mr.

Michael "Mr. Echo" Roberson

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ernesto p
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come on!!!
isn´t good
isn´t brillant
it´s only a bad joke, come on people!!

casualtyofdesign's picture
108 pencils


Bad joke, smad joke...

They hired an advertising agency to do this (joke) and I would imagine paid top dollar, what do you mean come on? This forum has postings of ADVERTISEMENTS label them viral, jokes or whatever we're all here to comment on them good or bad.

And you spelled (brilliant) incorrectly.

Michael "Mr. Echo" Roberson

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que alquien me explique porque sinceramente no entiendo que es esto, es una comparacion??? tener un seiko es como querer apagar el despertador y que haya un trampa??? es este el atributo de este reloj? no se puede apagar la alarma o te da una descarga cuando pensas en dormir 5 minutos mas??

Is that somebody explains because sincerely I do not understand that it is this, a comparison??? Is to have a seiko like to want to extinguish the alarm clock and that there is a trampa??? There is this the attribute of this clock? It is not possible to extinguish the alarm or gives you an unload when you think in sleeping 5 minutes more??

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mmmmmm nice.



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Made in China

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