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yeah. but not really....

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Yeah... I'd expect more from Dentsu.

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andrej dwin
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hate to be the boring one, but this has been done before and I guess the creatives even saw it.
it was an ad (a paid one, mind you) in a bunch of issues of luerzer's archive for some retouching studio. they had always a different picture with a hand written note on a blurred cluster of pixels indicating the place where for instance a fuzz on a couch (you couldn't even tell there was a couch there at all) should be removed.

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Bundy Agency
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it was also done for a camera, cant remember the brand or agency but it got a bit of metal about 2 years ago.
they just had a similar shot to this one but they used a starburst that said new.
someone will have a link

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me thinks
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I like this anyway.

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at 21 mega pix i think its possible to see this... good ad.

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this totally smells like Dentsu Singapore. a little boring...

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A 80's idea?

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