Secret energy, 3

September 2007



Libby Lenton surpassed the world-wide record by 0.01 seconds and obtained another gold medal for her collection. The secret of its energy can not be found in a laboratory test but in the nearest market.

Advertising Agency: Magnetica, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Christian Mayer, Fernando Rodriguez
Creative Director: Mariela la Rocca
Art Director: Andres Benavides
Copywriter: Juan Sasiain

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LeeHarvey's picture
Activity Score 3045

Eat a brownie and win a gold medal? You have got to be kidding!

elnietodeNicho's picture
Activity Score 361

Hahaha!! I had that exact thought when i read it.

Guest's picture

man, they did a lot, getting clearance to use all these athletes images, even asafa powell just a sec after he scooted his new 100m world record thingy.

anyway. interesting,, yep, the "i don't dope up, it's my wonder brownie" theory is a little lame.

pablomartinmi's picture

Esta mañana cuando venía a la agencia fuy a tomar el bondi y vi que ya estaba en la parada, que lo perdía. Entonces me acordé de este aviso, me comí un alfajor terrabusi y lo corrí. No solo no llegué sino que me atragante y casi muero. Ahora les estoy escribiendo desde el hospital. Este aviso atenta contra la salud.

Matheus's picture

man, my suggestion: eat a brownie and create a new idea. this one didn't work for me.

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