Sebo Museu Do Livro: Harry Potter

A big part of the story is lost when it becomes a movie.

Advertising Agency: RockerHeads, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Sergio Baldassari
Art Director: Eduardo Borges
Copywriter: Rafael Bornacina
Photographer: Ivan Berger
Retoucher: Liquid 3D
Published: April 2014

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Screaming Words's picture
Screaming Words

Ingeniously done.

Kelly Condon's picture
Kelly Condon

As a big Harry Potter fan myself, I found this ad to be so artful but yet truthful at the same time. If you were to talk to any book lover you would know how much they really hate when a movie butchers a good book. Both Harry Potter and The Da Vinci Code are highly recognized books that have become decently well produced movies but even with great production there are many important details that are left out in the movie that only book lovers would understand. This ad completely grasps that concept in a way that is easy to understand and gives the viewer and idea of what company it is portraying. I didn't even have to read the writing in the bottom corner to know that this was an advertisement for a bookstore. Although I found the image the most important factor of the ad, the writing “A big part of the story is lost when it becomes a movie,” really does a good job of pulling the whole thing together. In just that one simple sentence, it describes the essence of the entire ad. It gives explanation, not that it was needed, to the cut out of the DVD from the whole of the book. Overall, I’d say this ad was brilliantly designed!

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