Seat: Joseph & Mary

SEAT wishes you a happy Christmas.

Advertising Agency: Atletico International, Barcelona, Spain
Creative Directors: Jason Bramley, Jonny Biggins
Executive Creative Director: Arndt Dallmann
Art Director: Amrit Jandu
Copywriter: Ben Carson
Photo retoucher: EGM

December 2007


RIZLA's picture
42 pencils

come on!!!!!!!1

jsantanaxp's picture
397 pencils

come on!!!!!!!1SSS (2)


marcel7's picture
996 pencils

Stop that shit.

Andy-B's picture
280 pencils

Im sure they could have done better that this. much better...

whitespace's picture
1953 pencils

the child seat is a nice touch... but not nice enough to rescue the ad.

SeanMartin's picture

It's a little clumsy, but I think the idea is fun, without being irreverent.

tantrik_indian's picture
953 pencils

It is corny, by far.

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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Guest commenter

Its funny! Its called irony! for a boy racer car, what else do you want, 3 kings and a Jerusalem landscape?

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Guest commenter

3 kings and a Jerusalem landscape! loooooooool. I like this guy. Well said. the ad is great. wish I'd done it.

pscs's picture
440 pencils

Good looking car. But it somehow resembles a Peugeot.

fat boy's picture
fat boy

very funny. I am still smiling as my name is Joseph. Now I just need a piece of ass called Mary.

boo ride's picture
boo ride

Absolute bullseye for the target market. I drive a Leon Cupra. What else do i need to know. The brand is speaking to me. Happy belated Christmas to you too.

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Guest commenter

WTF !!! A waiste of time.

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Guest commenter

funny. no overclaim for a xmas ad.

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64 pencils

está buenísimo, corto y agradable.

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Guest commenter

i think this is sweet. it leaves me feeling like i trust Seat to give me fast hatchbacks. Is it supposed to open the heavens and part the sea? i fucking doubt it. so, retards, chill, or do better. Nice work.

mother fo's picture
mother fo

f****n sweet! im going to get that sticker on my car. If the wife complains, I'll change her name by deed poll.

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Guest commenter

its good the way that mary is on the passenger side

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