Seat Ibiza: Rodeo

Ibiza Cupra 2,0 Tsi 240 Hp. Get More.

Advertising Agency: Grey Paris, France
Creative Director: Andrea Stillacci
Art Director: Patrice Jean-Baptiste
Copywriter: Baptiste Thiery
Photography: Photostock Corbis
Retouch : David Martin, Benoit Monceau
Published: September 2009


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Can someone explain..?

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ok, I'll explain. have you ever seen a bungee-jumping in that way, or do you really believe it exist? get more= i'm not only challenging myself with a bungee-jumping. in fact, i'm riding a crazy bull at the same time. i hope for you it's clear now. by the way great ad, even though i would have expected to get more from photoshop.

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Creatives where high.... thats the answer!!!!!

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terrible photoshop. my 1st year undergrad student can do beer than this. i am not even going to bother talk about the concept.

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Dear guest, How many of your 2nd ,3rd year undergrad have contributed their works in this AOW. Let's check it out one by one with the ad on which you are commenting. Doing an ad differently requires lots of creativity and novelty and the guts of their CD/AD to release for publication. Whatever is good, is good, it's an individual opinion. Alternately put your likely ideas of how you would have done it?


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Great idea!


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A stranger abroad
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They're saying it's exciting to drive. Or possibly that it's dangerous and has lousy suspension. One of the two.

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Idea is OK


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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and now for something completely different: our car

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