Seat: Bull

Advertising Agency: Grey Milan, Italy

Executive Creative Director: Francesco Emiliani
Head of Art / Art Director: Francesco Fallisi
Copywriter: Paolo Moretti
Post production: Lucy CGI
Photographer: Lorenzo Scolari
Art Buyer: Virginia Salvucci
Account Director: Germano Guerriero
Account Supervisor: Ilaria Tozzi
Account Executive: Romina Cattaneo

March 2010


CABAZORRO's picture
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Bullminator???? nice bull robot...

smilepig's picture
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hmm weird

Adaddicted's picture
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"show me your silencer"


michelangelo's picture
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bad photoshop.and why a bull? a robotic lion could've worked better. It's a Leon, right?

dsklan's picture
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good point!
maybe the bull, because its a spain car, but lion would fit better

mikeelrapido's picture
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I like this copy - "powerology". Awsome.


Hiperion's picture
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Maybe he used a bull because seat was spanish (It´s german now). But leon and bull are confusing at the same time.
Weak concept, bad art.
Definitely another italian tacky ad.

dreadboy's picture
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thanks Hiperion, now that I know that the company is german now, I can relate the ad. They probably went for telling that the car kept the roots (spanish -> bull ) but with more power now ...

in my oppinion. so it's maybe targeting the ones that know / care about the history of this company, not just the car ( not me. didn't know about those )

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pez's picture
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I don't think the retouch is that terrible... Otherwise, everybody in Europe associates Seat with Spain even if is not a spanish brand now...
not bad at all for me...

silvi's picture
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Nothing looks real here.

Schirone's picture
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stop prosecuting italian ads!

i'm here because i'm procrastinating

perromalo's picture
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Power plus technology? Briefing has been translated literaly into creativity without even passing it to the creative team. Client's first thought. For sure.
I agree on the comment about the claim "powerology". It is just amazing. Well done

kimi yancek's picture
kimi yancek
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bull=lamborghini... not seat. don't work for me...

polar's picture
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nice photo, but, why always cars with animals????

everartz's picture
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terminator 5 is going to be in italy!!!

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hadrianapolis's picture
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Like it

art one's picture
art one
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i can't fault the execution.... what are you muppets on about??? i reckon the concept could've had more time spent on it. Car's and animals are really starting to bore me now..... it seems to me they just thought of the next best powerful beast because horse had been taken already. sheesh

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i like

Guest's picture

bull..shit! but powerology... great word.

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Tanja Solimano
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