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I don't understand this. It seems a social ad for safety or driving, not for a pertol...

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If it is for road safety ads campaign
the concept consider overused

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Tero Ylitalo
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Xtrapremium gas --> extra performance

"Pastes like shit."

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Ney Frances
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the easiest hyperbole i´ve ever seen in my life! why not use one of those astronaut tests from the 60´s!

is there life before death?

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i dunno.. it seemed to me that the seat belts are meant to be the "many" roads you'll drive through.. possible, ha? with the indication of safety that the seat belt has... 3X times of one seat belt...

| Everartz |

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chintan ruparel
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no, i think xtra premium gives extra speed, hence th need for three seat-belts.

nice one ;)

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Dick Huges
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Is like pump this gas and go smash your car?

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Ney Frances
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just like that

is there life before death?

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is this ads of the world or ads of India??

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Let's say today is India day.

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This is very bad. They are leveraging their product on the hundreds of thousands of young people who wrap their cars around trees because they drive too fast and lose control. Cheap shot. Shame.

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im not sure...

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Goodness gracious me, I am being totally confusing, isn't it?

good enough isn't good enough

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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I'm a great fan of this site. But never found a need to register. However, I created an account so that I can make this post.

While it is a forum for anything ad related. Can the creatives who shamelessly post work up do a little quality control, rather than posting everything they have done. Even CRAP!

It just wastes everybody's time.

ivan's picture

Sorry to hear. Will try harder. Hopefully you will also comment when you like the stuff posted.

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I don't necessarily agree - If Ivan only posts the good ones how will we learn from the mistakes of others? And it's always nice to see suggestions from different people on how to improve a certain bad ad.

ivan's picture

Plus, the whole point of the conversation is to separate the bad from good. I may not do a perfect job, but you guys do.

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Sorry got carried away. It is not Ivan's fault. Hes doing a great job by providing a forum for people like us who have a passion for great thinking...

But I feel that creatives themselves should in some way select work which at least makes sense. If people in the advertising industry are baffled by some of these posts. How on earth will a consumer understand what the message is?

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Glad to see you commenting something else! :) I though you were a robot!

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this ad tells me: this type of petrol is safe
not: this type of petrol makes your car so fast, taht you need 3 seatbelts

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And how do you suppose a volatile liquid could make anything safe?

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