Sea Shepherd: Harpoon, Bear

Predatory fishing doesn’t only threatens ocean life.

Advertising Agency:
Chief Creative Officers:
Flávio Medeiros, Luis Christello, Kike Borell
Art Director: Fernando Maciel
Copywriter: Leonardo Konjedic
Photographer: Manipula Studio
Published: May 2012


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Guillermo Meza
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Sad but true!

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very strong visual.

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Wow, powerful shot!

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good visual

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Fernando Fernandes
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Bela idéia! A vida é como um caminho de dominós! se a primeira cai...

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Simple, strong and to the point. Shame about the bad translation, but I assume these didn't run in English.

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Onde eu encontro o anúncio em português?'s picture
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Sorry but I dont like it..

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Very poor effort photo editing this photo and the one of the bird to slander spearfishing, spearfishing is the most selective and sustainable way to harvest fish, each fish is targetted individually the diver has the ability to select the species and size of fish eliminating bycatch which is common with most other methods of fishing. spearfishermen DO NOT target birds or Bears- if someone tried to spear a grizzly bear with a speargun the man not the bear would have a 99% chance of being killed. If the people who put this together really believe that spearfishing is a threat to the birds the bears or even the fish then they need to wake up and smell the roses. this is yet another blatant example of cultural vilification by the Extreme Green or animal liberation Pirates

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very poor taste
reflecting complete lack of the fundamental understanding of what underwater hunting is all about
grossly negligent use of symbolic images that are not associated with each other

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Once again the hippies actually have no idea of what they're talking about. Paul Watson is a terrorist.

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Ben H
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I am not sure what I find more disturbing about this “add”.

1. The completely sensational and fictitious scenario portraying creatures suffering that is then stamped with the Sea Shepherd logo.
2. The ability of somebody who “loves animals” to spend considerable time dreaming up a scenario in which two creatures are suffering a horrific and simultaneous death at the hands of a harpoon wielding maniac who somehow managed to wait beside a river until the very moment that the two were lined up perfectly to be killed. Please this is ridiculous. Perhaps you could have shown something realistic like habitat destruction? Just a thought…

Sensationalist rubbish like this does not help any body; you cheapen the image of the organisation you claim to so staunchly represent, you show the deaths of animals in such a bizarre manner that it is borderline funny.

The average intelligent person views this as rubbish. Treat people like idiots and you will only attract idiots.

Best of luck with your next add, what is it? A migrating duck been knocked out of the air by a farmers wayward potato?

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