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One of those easy to execute great insightful ideas I wish I had in my porti. I give it 6g.

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hahahah... i gave it i 7!

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hahahah... i gave it a 7!

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This is the worst of the three. I have a hard time people would get this without the others. Maybe if it were a half-finished tic tac toe game...

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Don't get me wrong. I LOVE THIS CAMPAIGN.
It's just that as creatives we automatically look for the idea on every ad. But that's us.
People who usually call Customer Service DO have problems to figure things out in the first place.
I think they also might have problems to understand these ads.

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Yeah. What you said it is true but on this campaign case I believe that they are talking about the time that you need to wait till some one pick your call. I know the company and sometimes you need to wait for a long time before start to talk about your problem to someone on the company... Great insight. Nice campaign

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As I've noticed, it's not all that easy to pick up the idea - unless if you review the whole campaign and have a discussion with other creatives - as evident above. So in that sense the campaign doesn't really serve its purpose. If we as creatives have to view the campaign in all its entirety before getting it - how is your average Joe Soap on the side of the street going to get it? (Just a thought)

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Boas ideas
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Sencillo, Limpio. Excelente!

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