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I didn't get it until I saw two of them, but that's my problem. Very good.

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Idea machine
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somebody help me out, whats embratel? I dont see the idea

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I didn't get it first neither.
The idea is that this is a customer helpline, they're so fast to help you that you don't have the time to scribble.

Nice idea, but maybe they should have shown a paper bloc and a pen or something to make it clearer.

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Empresa Brasileira Telefonica. It's a major phone company in Brazil.

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when there is difficult to understand a problem. I think embratel customer service can help us...:) Fast ;0

Saidu Karinga

Saidu Karinga
The Idiot


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this is the exact opposite from another phone company's campaign i saw a bit back. it was for more talk time so the entire spread was filled from top to bottom with scribbles. i can't remember who it was for though...

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