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Modal Writer
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provacative, really sharp lines, wish i had done it.

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very strong! great art direction!!

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nice job...bit of a cookie cutter thing goin on here tho....

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Why do we need 3 ads?

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i'm kinda tired of people who keep asking this:

'why do we need 3 ads?'

more ads equals more billings.
more billings equals more profits.
more profits equals a fatter year-end bonus.

now why in hell would you want to question that???

clause: assuming it's for real work.

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nothin wrong with mixing it up a little either...gives campaigns more legs..

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thanks ivanlim, i totally agree. ash, agree with you too

(wow addy, what a dispensable comment!)

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Not sure about the line... Memories don't dry. So what, they stay wet?

Interesting art direction.

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VERY interesting art direction

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Ok, there's three images in this? Womans head and neck, genitalia and bathroom? Or have i just looked too hard for too long.

Fail Harder.

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Really great art direction


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pretty art direction, interesting.

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Although the idea sharp, influential and could give a negative impact, the mode of implementation more than good, and I think that what has been written is true because the tears dry, BUT painful memories are still influential, it depends on the personality of each person.
Like it.

"L'idée très d'impressionnant"

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Nice art.

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copy's alittle weird though..

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nice art. period. meaningful copy. period.
do they go hand in hand? i dunno. something's quite missing, cant put my finger on it right now though.

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Marcus Saulnier
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Diana Pérez
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The tear drop coming from her eye is such a cautivating detail. WOW, nice work!!
I will suggest to put the copy with a bit more blodness to ir and spread it appart, it might be difficult to read if you see it in the street and you wouldnt catch the purpuse of the ad.

D.M. http://diana.carlosmadrigal.com

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works like these make me proud to be a part of this industry. people might think that public service ads are done just for awards, but when they work, they do a greater job than any other ad.

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