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July 2008

Print advertisment created by Ogilvy, France for Scrabble, within the category: Gaming.

Advertising Agency: OGILVY & MATHER, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Chris Garbutt
Creative Director: Chris Garbutt
Copywriters: Arnaud Vanhelle, Benjamin Bregeault, Mihnea Gheorghiu
Art Directors: Antoaneta Metchanova, Alex Daff, Najin Ha
Illustrator: Am I Collective
Art Buyer: Nejma Tazit
Account Supervisors: Benoît de Fleurian, Marie-Charlotte Lafront
Advertiser's Supervisor: Hervé Parizot, Arnaud Roland-Gosseliln, Fabien Delannoy

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Highest Rated

killerflakes's picture
Activity Score 58

Great ad i´m scrabble lover, jaja i really liked it, great illustrations too

comAd's picture
Activity Score 162

What r they up to?

john doe's picture
john doe
Activity Score 1571

a brilliant claim. a great idea. and wonderful illustrations.
10 points!

LeeHarvey's picture
Activity Score 3045

I copy that! **********

Adaddicted's picture
Activity Score 3435

This is simply wonderful. Great idea indeed. Do they have a TV spot?? Would have been better in execution!


simon.gross's picture
Activity Score 541

The posters from this campaign will be collectors' items for sure. I want one.

phantasmagorovich's picture
Activity Score 10

I wonder:

is that the visual translation to a possible scrabble game?

If you wrote all these things down, would they connect like that? Then it would be pure genius.

Wordnerd's picture
Activity Score 6692

Hey, very nice! simple, true and beautiful. i love it!

Olafski001's picture
Activity Score 1193

best illustrations of the year

Chris's picture
Activity Score 1985

very original and great illustrations, thumbs up!

fen1x's picture
Activity Score 471

I love this one.
Awesome illustrations!
I will use it as a cover for scrabble (limited edition)

vasiem's picture
Activity Score 10

beautiful art

Frits Harkema's picture
Frits Harkema
Activity Score 713

Scrabble? Yes scrabble. So the makers of scrabble wrote a brief for the agency. They found out that people actually forgot that Scrabble is a game with words that connect on a board. But, when people would realise this again they would all buy their own box of Scrabble. To make this clear the agency then came up with an idea that hardly anybody will understand and that does not convey anything about the game. But it looks cool enough to enter for festivals. Well done.

Grrrr's picture
Activity Score 1961

Festivals? Yes, festivals. (smaller type:) And if they make... let me think... 30... no... 40 of them, one is sure to win something.
(back to normal type:) What's there that's hard to understand? The game's very idea is to link words. Words suggest objects... and you've got it!

castell's picture
Activity Score 40

nice one! very simple and good!

KerryChild's picture
Activity Score 183


Jimmie's picture
Activity Score 127

Excuse me, I'm dumb but I haven't got it. Can anybody explain it to me, please?

john ler's picture
john ler
Activity Score 667

I guess that the drawings illustrates the words supposedly written on the board.
As if the words on the board, linked together, wrote a story.
That's what I understand but i may be wrong.
A bit hard to get anyway, but amazing art.

krautland's picture
Activity Score 3216

lovely work.

alvinpck's picture
Activity Score 1467

Oh my~! Love the idea, love the art, love the execution.


otto54's picture
Activity Score 381

This is simply the best.
Simply, new, just great.
Love it.

dasgoodads's picture
Activity Score 101

Very cool idea, but its tricky to decipher all the pictures. I wish the illustrations were a bit more clear.

Crisp One's picture
Crisp One
Activity Score 2005

its fresh but seem a bit like an ad for ad people, sometimes consumers get too much credit, and not enough in other places.

m í t i c o's picture
m í t i c o
Activity Score 676

beautiful campaing.

De nada sirve una Gran idea sin una Gran ejecución.

1983's picture
Activity Score 148

please explain...

imgns's picture
Activity Score 68

i sooo love it!!!!!!!!! greaaat Ad. and 1983: this is how it would look if you ilustrate all the words on the game board when you play.

adoro esta gráfica, me encanta la ilustración. genial.

Bundy Agency's picture
Bundy Agency
Activity Score 597


metal - 20 points (double letter score on 'm')

CR_AD's picture
Activity Score 413
1983's picture
Activity Score 148

thanks imgns

imgns's picture
Activity Score 68

glad i help 1983

lexter17's picture
Activity Score 27

beautiful illustrations.
but the ad could work faster.

killerflakes's picture
Activity Score 58

Great ad i´m scrabble lover, jaja i really liked it, great illustrations too