Scouts Canada: It Starts with Scouts, Alex Tilley

Alex always loved adventure. He just wanted a better hat.

How do people become successful in life? How do children grow into well-rounded, happy, confident adults? Scouts offers adventure, community, and new experiences within a natural environment. Research shows these elements all help increase a child’s confidence and sense of self worth. This helps kids grow into confident adults, better positioned to make their mark in the world around them. The idea behind the campaign, which features some of Canada's most recognizable Scouts alumni, is the road to success starts with Scouts.

Advertising Agency: Target, St. John's, NL, Canada
Creative Director: Tom Murphy
Creative Group Head: Jenny Smith
Art Director: Tom Murphy
Copywriters: Jenny Smith, Randy Diplock, Terri Roberts
Production Artist: Dejan Vuchichevic
Account Director: Laurelyn Berry
Account Manager: Jennifer Pittman
Published: March 2011


arthor's picture
515 pencils

I think I prefer the last campaign, this feels far to limited to

a) The number of honorable scouts
b) Real photographs of them as scouts

Interested in seeing the rest.

CrackerJackWorks's picture
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I think this is smart....Alex developed the "Tilley" hat.

TommyO's picture
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What about those who never heard of Tilly hats?

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