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Nice one. Cmon Italy! you can do it.

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Italy always blows my mind with their weird adverts.

This one's not the exception to the rule. But this is a little bit better.

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Great. could be changed a bit but a great thought and visual.

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Yeah... and how would you go about changing it Banner?

I think it's perfect the way it is.

Nice work Italy.

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Im not claiming to be some advertising aficionado, im not the messiah either by the way... but this is critique.

If i must, I think perhaps its a bit shot a bit dark, lighting could be better the packshot shouldn't be touching the edge of the ad in my opinion and i dont care for the choice of typeface.

Its a brilliant idea and it is well executed.
jus ss i said before just could be tweaked in my opinion.

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is it better than just one absorb all? I feel this product hasn't any benefit except we have to use more for absorbing.

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Does it absorb itself?
A little confused.

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It's cool.
Esteb, i have a question: are you a marketing director?

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jajaja, yes he seems like one....

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se parece al concepto de una grafica que gano cannes 2007.

[ ]

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Old technique (things that look like other things) but it's cool anyway.

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