Scotch-Brite: Your clothes' hairbrush, 3

Advertising Agency: Grey Lisboa, Portugal
Creative Director: Cristiano Zancuoghi
Copywriter: João Santana
Art Director: Carlos Costa
Photographer: Tiago Braerens
Post-production: João Trabuco, Carlos Costa

September 2008


sneakyhands's picture
1857 pencils

interesting take on the roller. it's nice to see it positioned away from pet hair, and the executions are well done and clean.

Andy-B's picture
280 pencils

It's attractive, but is it a 2 in 1 (Clothes & Hair)Brush?
I'm confused...

teenquey's picture
290 pencils

it can imply that hair sticks to your clothes & difficult to remove. with scotch bright, it eases the effort to remove lint & whatever that stix to your clothes.

plus the scotch bright brush sticks under the hair wig, as a symbol of body (clothes)

whitespace's picture
1953 pencils

there's a campaign that looks like this... it's about eyebrow shaping, and the hair and background is like this, but the hairbrush in this case is an eyeball...

anyone know what i'm talking about? I'm actually looking for those ads to keep.

StPepper23's picture
269 pencils

cool, nice thinking, nice headline

keddy's picture
134 pencils

Lint roller?

dthlb72's picture
545 pencils

Seems like taking 2 related subjects and put into 1.
For a lint roller ad... if the clothes look like hair much better, rite?

Nuno Flores's picture
Nuno Flores
122 pencils

Very clever.

Clear message and very funny ad.

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