Scotch-Brite: Edward

You never know who is going to do Them. Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, San Jose, USA
Art Directors: Roberto Leitón, Julio Alvarado
Copywriters: Ronny Villalobos, Rolando Madrigal, Nicolás Schumacher, Andrés “Colochos” Porras
Illustrator: Jhon Timms

July 2010


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Personally, this one I like out of the three. In artistic terms, the illustration does a good job on the darker tones, and the line work is excellently done - a throwback to some of Tim Burton's linework (and especially a good homage paid to Tim Burton's films of the same name). And due to his scissor-blades-for-fingers, this is certainly a humorous scenario for a scratchproof sponge.

After all, would you want him to do your dishes?


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That would be an interesting ad if it was targeted at 20-somethings students who live alone do the dishes themselves. But do students really care whether their plate get scratched or not?
The main target audience of this product is "moms", and I think they will feel completely alienated by the tone and illustration style of this ad. It's not suitable. They'd think it's an ad for a DVD game or a movie for kids.
My mom would easily flip through this page.

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Right Right...

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Very true. What kid is going to do the dishes without being asked by Mom or Dad? No kid I know. Therefore, the line "you never know who is going to do them" doesn't really work. And it doesn't hit the target audience either.

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dont like the illustrations, they have nothing similar with the original characters...

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Elmārs Ārnieks
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just don't like it

Life is a joke. Laugh.

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