Scotch-Brite: Crockery, 1

For tough kitchen cleaning jobs.

Art Director / Copywriter / Illustrator: KC.HAR / Kyle

Advertising Agency: 180 Degree Strategic Communications
Creative Director: Chan Fong
Photographer: Kenneth Lim (Adept Studio)

November 2008


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these remind me of that handy andy ad where the daughter is visiting the mum that's cleaning a bath's made to look like shes in prison.

still not as good as the handy andy ad.

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Raheel Malik
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Good but i think both the character n ojects mixed up.

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the acting really sad..

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A.G. Pennypacker
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Crockery indeed.

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There is no tough guy, it's a desperate world...

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The usage of people is unnecessary. They do not add to the ad; they only confuse it. Then again, just an enormous pile of dirty dishes wouldn't be the most creative, but the concept would be more focused. Keep working on it!

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This sucks... too bad the voting system has a low of 1. I voted -6...

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An exhausted elderly woman of asian origin is walking among the mountains of dirty dishes.... Hey, the scrubby is of no help here! what she needs is a good dishwashing machine (i wonder if this woman ever seen one in her life)... hm... to me, not creative at all, and also too "staged"

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i think this the good Ad.
don't stupid comment.
who are you? the student
or marketing who's can not
be the real creative in good agency.

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And who are you, the Guest? An author? From "good agency" 180 Degree Strategic Communications?
Comments are comments. Some are stupid some not. Just as ads. Sorry

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