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i don't believe that someone used Che one more time in the ad.

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ahmed ragheb
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yeah !! even that i hate CHE .. but i liked the idea !!

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Next Cannes they will invent a whole category for ads with Che.

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this is fucking cool man!!! nice one! who cares if they used che - the idea is sweet - che was a cunt anyway!!

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i like the idea.... i would use Santa, at least.


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oh noo...Che again???..

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It's funny, that everyone complains only about the fact, that Che is more popular than Coke. For me utilising the image of the guy who invented concentration camps, personally shot hundreds of his political enemies and signed letters to his mother as "Stalin 2" is not controversial - it is stupid. I know that for some uneducated kids Che is a symbol of "revolution" (mostly against their parents) but why don't someone make a campaign that would educate people about Che's crimes against humanity and shady past?

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Obvioulsy, the idea comes from the old "oh no mom! you messed up my shirt! why did you wash it". So, the young son/daughter goes to college (in Brazil, of course) and learns Marx and feels himself/herself a revolutionary. But the t-shirt gets all dirty and haired. And his/her mom, with no respect for symbols cleans it up. The point is not really that there is the all famous Che iconic, high contrasted pic. They needed an image, normally with hair, known to people and with a big connection to the ones who tidy up the clothes of the family. Don't you think?

si fai il mio nome, non ci sono più...

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So much dumb arguments to such a simple idea...

like it anymway

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do you have hearded the word, Che Still Alive:P

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oh look, a shaved cunt.