Scotch Brite: Kitchen gloves, 3

Advertising Agency: Gery Colombia/REP-GREY Worldwide
Creative Director: Mauricio Dueñas
Copywriters: Nelson Pardo
Art Directors: Nelson Pardo
General Creative Director: Juan Pablo Hernández
Account executive: Angely Romero
Photographer: Oscar Nizo


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visually great but what does it say?

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Visually great? My first thought was: Is this advertising some sort of std crab prevention?

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don't get your hands wrinkled like a crab! the kitchen...i guess this is the message if i'm not wrong!?.. Scotch Brite products depicting kitchen sufferings that can be evaded! But there are 2 copy writers ...(Nelson Pardo, Rodrigo Uribe)...and where's the COPY!!??..good photography though.

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Same here. What does it have to do with scotch bright?

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good idea but not easily understood that it is a crab.

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i think that the crab its obvious i mean the shape but im not sure about the relation with the product. In adittion the han resource mmmmm its quite overuse

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