August 2007

Do you know what you eat? The DNA of genetically modified plants may contain the genes of insects, animals or even viruses. These products may potentially cause harm to your health. Look for a "GMO free" sign on the package.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Moscow, Russia
Creative Director: Andrey Illiasov
Art Directors: Giorgi Popiashvili, Fabiano Marques
Copywriter: Tatiana Moseeva
Photographer: Goran Tacevski

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Activity Score 286

good art direction. not a very fresh idea but well executed

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Activity Score 38


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please ........this is NOT a god art direction at all. the lay-out looks teribly old. not research what so ever. nothing new. a spot light on a dark bkground very easy for a easy drama.. use paper food as a bk ground or vegetable garden soil..i do not on it..some how but not a spot light .c.on too easy

The lettering used is wrong for the message. is not well laied-out ider ... and the "box" it came with has been definatly copied from somewhere else were it worked better....
some time u guys critiicise very good ads and u like very easy to do and not very well done ads..

thats my opinion any way

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Activity Score 658

If this is true, we can soon expect meat that grows on trees. How odd it would be to have a vegerarian beef vindaloo or chicken burger.

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Activity Score 339

this is good

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Activity Score 312

ugly. repulsive. revolting.
exactly what the message needs, brilliant stuff!

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Activity Score 146

I like these visuals, a lot of effort gone into them. Message comes across loud and clear too.

anggit's picture

nice visual..idea not bad

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no please, not again animals with vegetables

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Activity Score 165

I hate the planet because everywhere I turn I CANT do something because it MIGHT harm ME or the PLANET... so I have built a 16 x16 square lead room (i DONT think LEAD has any feelings) where I stay, naked (so no sheep or plants are harmed in making my clothing) and only communicate via morse code, tapping, rapping on my leaden door.

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done for Greenpeace / chilean agency

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Activity Score 126

i like the idea, but this king of ad its too old. the format, i mind.