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the writing sucks. and the art direction sucks. the only reason the concept doesn't suck is because there isn't one. other than that, i like it.

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LOL. I find myself, strangely, agreeing with you.

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Yeah, I'm not a fan. The visual style doesn't seem to relate in any particular way either. And what's whirlyball anyway?


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having looked at a handful of student books out of the university of texas, i'd say they're a couple recent grads. for some reason, everything looks like this coming out of there, regardless of client.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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It's a continuation of the whole "Texas grunge" trend that they don't seem to get enough of..
Funny how you mentioned University of Texas. They actually do have a good advertising program there and a lot of great copywriters come out of that school. I used to work at an Austin ad agency (you know which one) and looked at my share of student portfolios while I was there. Seemed as if all these different writers were teaming up with this just ONE art director! And a lot of the stuff DID look like this!
And it's not limited to students, either. Some agencies there churn out ads that you simply can't tell one from the other because they all look almost the same (one agency called McGarrah/Jessee is most notorious for overuse of this style all across the board of clients they have.)
And you start to wonder the true meaning of "art direction" in advertising...

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Is this for inhouse? Someone has time on their hands.
Is whirlyball anything like naked twister?

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El Duderino

Whirlyball is an amalgamation of lacrosse, basketball and bumper cars. It's actually quite fun. Basically, it's something like 6 cars per side (one person per car). You have plastic lacrosse sticks and a plastic ball and you try to shoot the ball into a square on a backboard that senses when it's been hit. As far as the ad. Eh. It's an in-house promo flyer.

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I'm not tired of this yet-

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Whirlyball kicks ass!

BTW, Thursday (today) is the 23rd, not the 24th.

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This ad sucks! Just like the agency. And believe me, it trickles down from top .. the sucking that is.

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It's interesting how the US is the only country in the world that believes advertising can be taught at schools! bollocks!

it's like believing creativity, talent and logical thinking come from education. well, no. you're born with these things (or, indeed, not).

'texas university advertising programme' -please, give me a break man! sounds like a low budget movie title.

it's therefore not surprising that ad schools churn out untalented morons. you only have yourselves to blame!

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fyi: texas isn't a real ad school. it's a university that has a couple creative classes. it's not on par with vcu, creative circus, portfolio center, or miami ad school. that said, the benefit of ad schools is that it gives aspiring copywriters and art directors an opportunity to work together. that's where the real learning takes place. the teaching/feedback from instructors is secondary.

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Hmm, well I went there. Take a look at these links and tell me if you see a resemblance to the ad above:

For those of you who post as a guest, I say you sac' up.