Science World: Birth Control

Advertising Agency: Rethink, Canada
Creative Directors: Chris Staples, Ian Grais, Rob Tarry
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Dominic Prevost
Copywriter: Justin Li
Photographer: Clinton Hussey Photography
Studio Artist / Typographer: Tom Pettapiece, Jan Day, Rebecca Marks
Account Services: Carrie Panio
Print Producer: Sue Wilkinson, Cary Emley


the_lizard_king's picture
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All the ads in the series are good... Nice take on the science of sexuality. Good job.

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

DaBow's picture
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Why did she forget to take the very first one?

ItMatters's picture
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Ha ha. Good point. Still a good ad.

certaintly's picture
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LOL, yea this particular execution is a bit forced, but i like the campaign as a whole

agub32's picture
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Because it could be the second round of pills or the third or fourth... you dont take one round of birth control pills. (sorry my english)

kleenex's picture
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Three great ads.

Jase Corbs's picture
Jase Corbs
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That there, is a lot of sex.

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