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Don't know... the idea is not bad I guess, but the art direction needs to be improved, looks kind of amateurish. Besides, I think they didn't have to do three executions... they are all the same.

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Boony wants a beer
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Huh? In what way is this amateurish?

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they're not all the same. you see, in one he's standing, in one he's squatting using his right hand to hold the light, and the other his left hand. that's waaay different.


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These dogs must have huge a**holes...

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not funny at all

::son of mount malang::copywriter of matakreasi
::hidup adalah proses menuju kematian yang sempurna::

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I'm soooo convinced now that the product 'helps bend light'!

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what a flashlight.

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I think I got it.
The light from the flashlight enters the dog's mouth and turns out as a laser light.

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Oh, now I got it kc_brock... you're right, they are all different executions.
Silly me :)

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bad dog...

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Besides, why would the vet be working in such a dimly lit room? Even if he wanted to see inside the dog's mouth, he could still function with the normal lights on - but that of course would diminish the beam of light shining out the mutt's arse.
I agree that the series becomes repetitive - it really is the same idea three times over. The only new info being imparted each time is that the dog is a different breed which suggests that the product is suitable for all types...big deal.

^ ^

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