Schwarzkopf: Dandruff Trails, Hide and Seek

Advertising Agency: DDB Duesseldorf, Germany
Executive Creative Directors: Amir Kassaei, Eric Schoeffler
Creative Directors: Heiko Freyland, Alexander Reiss
Art Directors: Fabian Kirner, Michael Kittel
Copywriter: Jan Propach
Illustrator: Marc Herold

December 2007


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Neil Levy
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fantastic. seriously simple and funny. if people don't like these, they're crazy.

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:) Nice campaign.

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Don't comment any bullshit to promote your blog idiot.

You don't have any job or what ?

wert's picture
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im crazy

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I don't know why people think these are so great. This is showing a huge dandruff problem - not a solution, which the product supposedly offers.

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Sometimes you have to draw attention to a problem to create a need for a solution. You don't always have to literally spell out the product's benefits either. This makes people think. It's clever and simple, and that's what makes good advertising.

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Yes, i agree. This is how we motivate consumer.

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Fabian Kirner
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You´re an account person, right?

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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It's tough being an eight-year-old with an excessive dandruff problem. Reminds me of my childhood friend with the similar condition. We used to affectionately call him the "saltshaker." : )

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Clever approach. Liked it.

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this one is the them all

love anything creative

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