School of Sports: Saque de Banda

Saque de banda?
A: when the ball completely crosses the sidelines.
It’s time you learn more about soccer with the new weekly “School of Sports” from Diario Diez.
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Saque de banda (literal meaning: to throw out a music band out of a show. Spanish phrase used as a figure of speech for soccer)

Advertising Agency: Publicom Lowe, Honduras
Creative Director/Art Director/Illustrator: Franklin Guevara
Copywriters: Franklin Guevara, Sergio Burgos
Other credit: María del Carmen Martínez
Published: April 2007


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Hey, it's not about baseball... It's soccer!

I don't think this ad is anything special, but i like the drummer! Somebody threw him a tomato...

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Oh I got it, the copy is badly translated below. Each sport has its own ad. My bad!


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muyyyy malo y obvio

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Todo copy se acomoda a cada cultura

Olvin Rivera

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Carlos Duty
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nice art

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