School of Sports: Juego de Dobles

Juego de Dobles?
A: way of playing tennis, in which two pair of players compete against each other at a match.
It’s time you learn more about tennis with the new weekly “School of Sports” from Diario Diez.
Absolutly free, every thursday.

Juego de Dobles (figure of speech; Used in spanish when playing tennis; literal meaning:stunt-doubles playing games)

Advertising Agency: Publicom Lowe, Honduras
Creative Director/Art Director/Illustrator: Franklin Guevara
Copywriters: Franklin Guevara, Sergio Burgos
Other credit: María del Carmen Martínez
Published: April 2007


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LoL, again... Not baseball, tennis, this time...

This one's better than the other one...

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But the copy is always the same, learn about baseball... if it were "learn about sports" or "learn about tenis" (in this particular one) it would make more sense. Otherwise, if the "School of Sports" works just with baseball, they should have tried to find baseball examples...


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Sorry, I fixed the translation.

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