Schick: Free your skin, 3

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Auckland, New Zealand
Chief Creative Officer: Josh Moore
Art Directors: Tom Paine, Mark Tallis, Tom Paine
Copywriter: Cameron Dowsett
Producer: Michele Richards
Associate Creative Director: Tom Paine
Agency Executive Producer: Christina Hazard
Agency Producer: Marique Knight
Photographer: Troy Goodall
Retoucher: Electric Art
Designer: Lex Fleming
Senior Account Manager: Mike Keen

June 2014


Marcao's picture
3029 pencils

Nice Photoshopping.

talkingisfree's picture
2710 pencils

This is a great campaign

Darko Bosnar's picture
Darko Bosnar
389 pencils

Looks really nice.

art director at IMAGO

thedesignaddict's picture
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Fantastic shots.
The line doesn't really connect to what I'm seeing.
"Tame your beard." would be closer to the concept IMO.

Reality Check's picture
Reality Check
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@ thedesignaddict,

"Tame your beard" would work if the strategy was to keep your beard.

The intention of this campaign is to lose the beard entirely, hence, "Free your skin".

kleenex's picture
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not bad, but not solid either.

Uncertain's picture
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Free my skin? As if it was captive? By a mammal? With a beard like the, you would need a clipper not a razor.
I love the photoshop work but I agree with thedesignaddict about the copy.

Uncertain | Assumption is the Mother of All Fuckups

Troll's picture
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Cool idea. Line doesn't work.
Seems like the beard is hanging on for dear life, not holding the guy's skin captive.

thedesignaddict's picture
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Wow, that's horrible.

Loud1's picture
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"Free your skin" is the support line they use for everything...So I think it works. I recognize that line as Schick. great photoshop and photography.

Emanresu's picture
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The photography and layout is good. However, I do agree with some of the other comments. As someone who has grown their hair, I've gotten comments of birds nesting in it and whatnot. However, something about the models posing calmly, along with their good looks, doesn't communicate to me they have a care about freeing their skin.

Temple's picture
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Way off the mark (unless of course we 're talking awards and stuff that only we understand).

Long beards are manifestos, and their owners are proud. It is the irritating 5 days stubble which enslaves your skin which needs to be freed.

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