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I like very much this kind of art work.
goog job


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"learn english. it's not scary" > what???

how about: "learn english, it's not catfish" and show a nice catfish collage?

i have to admit it looks different from most ads but i also admit it looks like it's been done in two minutes.

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Ich verstehe nicht.

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is that "this is a pointless pile of poo" in german?

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I have to agree. Why would anyone want to learn English after looking at that ad?!

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I like the art direction, but the idea is just weak.

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Dick Huges
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Sorry guys but this is weak. The art direction idea is cool, but the art direction itself isnt. The idea is not cool at all and the line is not cool either.

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Art direction looks a little too "cut and paste". Also, should the headline be written in English if the target is non-speaking? ...or did I completely miss the point of the ad?

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chintan ruparel
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surprisingly, i dont evn find d art cool enuf...i mean, watz wid d lame idea?!

and yes, d art looks majorly cut and paste...overall, bad work guys!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Indeed, the art iz not rly relatorz to some1 who speakz lika a gangsta who'z about to put a cap in someonez azz

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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not good i don't know it just doesn't feel good! sorrrrrry :-(

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No concept, no idea. Someone paid for this??? God...

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Scared of learning? in which case its a phobia, or scared of the language?
Beats me....

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