SBT Channel: Layers of Skin

The deeper you go, the more you understand.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Brazil
Creative Directors: Hugo Rodrigues, Kevin Zung
Copywriter: Margit Junginger
Art Director: Widerson Souza
Illustrator: Zombie Studio
Producers: Rita Vilarim,Thiago Loureiro
Print Production: Emerson Russo
Art Buyer: Selma Momosse
Account Supervisor: Silvia Brihy
Advertiser's Supervisors: Glen Valente, Priscila Stoliar
Account Manager: Ricardo Ferraroni


morse's picture
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The art direction is just awesome!

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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Meredith Singh
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Feels like it is trying too hard to emulate this ad...

printlover's picture
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A little to much, isn't? The art direction was new, if it were made six years ago.

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Phil Lestino
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What's copycat? This is all about getting under the skin of a story...the other is about teeth rotting over time. I think this is a really good ad, with lots of meaning behind it and just because someone has used carving before doesn't make it any less so.

RichardCl's picture
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This feels to me like it's either concept without actual story in the image; or there is story, but it's too difficult to figure out. I also don't think the skin looks to be obviously skin -- I'm not actually sure -- is it skin?

If this is about getting under the skin of the story, could you have an image of a person in a recognisable situation and somehow show -- under that person's skin -- that person's story…?

You could do the same with a piece of land, so that people can see that the stuff under the earth was stuff that happened -- this sounds kind of more history / archaeology -- but could it somehow be developed to be a recent story of what happened in that place…?

Alex Mendes's picture
Alex Mendes
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Acho que vi essa peça em um jornal de grande circulação aqui no Brasil. Bem legal!

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Busdoor, outdoor, enfim, caiu nas graças do povo!

Renan Correa | Copywriter

kleenex's picture
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great art direction.

salil.sharma's picture
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I Love Execution ! i know its done before but designer you are R@cking .

fermattei's picture
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Usually, people that can't do the job with the same quality are the first ones to come here to say shit about a good ad. The best argument they have is a previous ad that has maybe the same execution, but totally different idea. Poor jealous people...


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